Argentine TV channels to watch live for free online

America 24, A24America 24, A24 – an Argentine news cable channel. America 24 replaced a previous 24/7 news channel, CVN.
America TVAmerica TV – an Argentine television station broadcasting on channel 2 in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province and one of Argentina’s five national television networks. Channel 2 of La Plata, on-air branding as America, is an Argentine free-to-air television station located in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province.
C5NC5N – acronym for Canal 5 Noticias, is an Argentine open television news channel. According to IBOPE, it is one of the most watched news channels in Argentina, behind TN.
Canal 10 CordobaCanal 10 Cordoba – an Argentinean television station located in the province of Cordoba. Canal 10 is part of the Radio and Television Services of the National University of Cordoba and broadcasts its local, cultural, educational and journalistic programming.
Canal 13 San JuanCanal 13 San Juan – an Argentine open television channel focused on the broadcast of preferably local news from the Province of San Juan. It broadcasts live 24 hours a day.
Canal 26 NoticiasCanal 26 Noticias – an Argentine television channel, which bases its programming on news and current affairs programs.
Canal 7 MendozaCanal 7 Mendoza – known by its commercial name El Siete, is an Argentine open television channel, the oldest in the Argentine region of Cuyo. It has local programming and retransmits part of the programming of America TV and eltrece.
Canal 8 San JuanCanal 8 San Juan – occasionally known as El Ocho, is an Argentine broadcast television channel in San Juan Province. The station is owned and operated by Grupo America. It retransmits the programming of the America TV and A24 signals.
Canal CM MusicCanal CM Music – an Argentine music cable television channel operated by Grupo Olmos. It was launched in 1996 as “Music Chronicle” as an additional channel to Cronica TV to broadcast solo concerts organized by the main channel “CM, Music Channel”.
Cronica TelevisionCronica Television – also known as Cronica HD, is a news-oriented Argentine open television channel, with its programming dedicated entirely to permanent live newscasts.
El DoceEl Doce – Canal 12 Cordoba, better known as El Doce, is an Argentine open television station affiliated with El Trece that broadcasts from the city of Cordoba. Currently, part of the channel’s programming consists of retransmitting the contents of Channel 13 in Buenos Aires.
El NueveEl Nueve – Canal 9 of Buenos Aires, better known as El Nueve and stylized as elnueve, is an Argentine open television station that broadcasts from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
La NacionLa Nacion – an Argentine open television channel focused on news programming, owned by the newspaper La Nacion.
Net TVNet TV – an Argentine commercial television network that is property of Grupo Perfil and operated by Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina. The network is headquartered in Barracas, Buenos Aires.
Noticias del 6Noticias del 6 – a television channel from Posadas, Misiones, Argentina, which operates throughout the province.
Santa Fe CanalSanta Fe Canal – an Argentine open television channel. It is operated by Radio y Television Santafesina S.E., a broadcasting company owned by the Government of the Province of Santa Fe.
TelefeTelefe – acronym for Television Federal is a television station located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The station is owned and operated by Paramount Global through Television Federal S.A. Telefe is also one of Argentina’s six national television networks.
TODO NOTICIASTODO NOTICIAS – also known by its acronym TN is an Argentine subscription television channel. Its programming is based on permanent newscasts, it has a varied programming of general interest such as music, technology, politics, sports, stories, investigations, economics, shows and others. TODO NOTICIAS is the most watched news channel in Argentina, surpassing C5N and A24.
TV PublicaTV Publica – Channel 7 of Buenos Aires, better known as Public Television and stylized as TVP, is an Argentine open television station. It broadcasts from the city of Buenos Aires. The channel acts as the head station of the public television network in Argentina. TV Publica was the first television station to broadcast in the country.
Vorterix TVVorterix TV – an Argentine radio station, which transmits from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to a large part of the country through its stations and repeaters. It is an essential archive of interviews with musicians and artists, live shows by national and international bands, own productions, broadcasts of festivals and balls from other things you will love.

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