Turkish TV channels to watch live for free online

TRT 1TRT 1 – the first Turkish national television network, owned by state broadcaster TRT. TRT 1 is Turkish general TV channel. Like other TRT channels, TRT 1 broadcasts 24 hours a day. TRT 1 broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports to education and arts along with commercial breaks.
TRT AVAZTRT AVAZ – the channel broadcast by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation with focusing on Turkey and Balkans. It broadcasts throughout the Balkans, Turkic Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Caucasus.
TRT HaberTRT Haber – a Turkish news and current affairs television channel. TRT News channel actively maintains the current and accurate news flow on the internet news site and social networks, as well as on television.
TRT WorldTRT World – a Turkish public broadcaster international news channel which broadcasts in English 24 hours a day, operated by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) and based in Istanbul. It provides worldwide news and current affairs focusing on Turkey, Europe, Africa, and Western and Southern Asia.
TRT ArabiaTRT Arabia – is an Arabic television channel of TRT, broadcasting to Arabic-speaking audiences in Turkey and the Middle East, 24 hours a day, on subjects, events, and news as well as soap operas from and pertaining to Turkey.
24 TV24 TV – with the slogan “Learn the Truth”. The news discussion programs, in which regional and global events are analyzed, give the news audience the hottest news and the intense news flow of the agenda with live links, instantly on the screen and on the website.
A HaberA Haber – a nationwide news TV channel in Turkey. You can follow the most up-to-date, agenda, politics, economy, sports, magazine, life and world news. A Haber is Turkey’s first HD broadcasting news channel.
A SporA Spor – is a sports channel owned by Kalyon Group within Zirve Holding. In addition to the Turkish Cup matches, it publishes the summaries of the Super League matches together with TRT. News, comments and discussion programs in every branch of sports are broadcast in this channel.
BBN TurkBBN Turk – a news channel established by Kavaf Holding. In addition to news and discussion programs, economy programs are broadcast on the channel.
Bengu TurkBengu Turk – a national news channel broadcasting from Turkey. The channel is known for its closeness to the Nationalist Movement Party.
Beyaz TVBeyaz TV – a national television and news channel with Islamic content, owned by Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Foundation.
CNN TurkCNN Turk – a Turkish pay television news channel, launched as the localised variant of American channel CNN. It broadcasts exclusively for Turkey and it is owned by the Warner Bros. Discovery and Demiroren Group. The channel’s headquarters are in Istanbul.
Haber GlobalHaber Global – the news channel of the Global Media Group.
Halk TVHalk TV – a Turkish nationwide TV channel. It is known for its relationship with the Republican People’s Party.
Kanal 7Kanal 7 – a Turkish nationwide TV channel. It has a terrestrial broadcast licence, and it is also available throughout Turkey via satellite. It airs Indian and Korean dramas. The channel is popular for Indian shows in Turkey.
Kanal BKanal B – a national television channel. Channel B publishes a copy of all the programs it broadcasts on the Channel B Program Archive page, providing its viewers with the opportunity to access past broadcasts.
KRT TVKRT TV – a Turkish nationwide TV channel. KRT TV was established as the third cultural channel after Meltem TV and Mehtap TV. Some programs are broadcast jointly with Yon Radyo. Today, KRT TV continues its broadcasting life as a culture and news channel.
NTVNTV – a Turkish nationwide television news channel owned by Dogus Media Group. Besides domestic and international news, the channel’s programming includes documentaries, as well as programs on finance, arts and culture, lifestyle, and sports.
Show TVShow TV – a nationwide television channel in Turkey owned by Ciner Media Group. Show TV extended its range of viewers by adding more channels like Show Max and Show Turk to its group.
ShowMax TVShowMax TV – nationwide entertainment TV channel in Turkey, owned by Ciner Media Group. The channel broadcast TV series, films and entertainment shows.
Tele 1Tele 1, Turkish TV channels – a news TV channel.
Teve2Teve2 – a Turkish entertainment channel owned by Demiroren Group. The channel is mostly known for its broadcast of the game show Kelime Oyunu.
TGRT HaberTGRT Haber – a nationwide news TV channel in Turkey. As Turkey’s news channel, TGRT Haber is broadcasting the latest breaking news about the agenda, politics, economy, sports, health, culture, art, in short news to the audience.
TV 5TV 5 – a news TV channel in Turkey – news, breaking news, politics, economy, sports news on TV5.
TV100TV100 – a news TV channel in Turkey. The new FACE of the news is tv100 – live broadcast, breaking news and agenda-setting programs.
TV 360TV 360 – a privately owned television channel in Turkey.
TVNETTVNET – a national television channel operating under the Albayrak Media Group. In the channel, programs are made on the themes of politics, agenda, culture-art, economy, education, health, sports and documentary.
Ulke TVUlke TV – the news-based television channel of the New World Media Group. All developments in Turkey and the world, and programs featuring expert commentators are on Ulke TV.

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