Italian TV channels to watch live for free online

Antenna TreAntenna Tre – today the first broadcaster for Auditel ratings throughout the Triveneto and Italy. Antenna Tre is full of many souls: the news, the investigations, the real “public service” in moments of emergency experienced by citizens, the narration of major events, the in-depth study of politics and economics with the talk show “Ring” or the evening appointment of “20edieci”.
Bergamo TVBergamo TV – a local television of the province of Bergamo. Bergamo TV’s leading programs are Incontri, TuttoAtalanta and Sotto Rete con la Foppa. The news, Bergamo News, was also very popular in its evening edition.
Canale 7Canale 7 – a local TV station in Puglia with a special focus on the city of Monopoli in the province of Bari.
La 7 TVLa 7 TV – an Italian free-to-air television channel owned by Cairo Communication. The headquarter is in Rome.
Milanow TVMilanow TV – Mediapason Group is an Italian regional television center owned by Sandro Parenzo with ten television channels covering the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. The head office is in Milan.
Onda TVOnda TV – a Sicilian regional television station, based in Sant’Agata Militello and production studios in Rocca di Caprileone. Onda TV has always distinguished itself from all other local Messina commercial TVs for its impartiality in information and the quality of programming, largely self-produced with the aim of enhancing the internal resources and professionalism of the area.
PrimocanalePrimocanale – an Italian regional television broadcaster, owned by PTV Programmazioni Televisive, which broadcasts from Genoa throughout Liguria. The broadcaster’s main schedule is made up of local information, enhanced by reports from every Ligurian province, news and long live coverage in case of bad weather and events in Liguria.
Rai News 24Rai News 24 – an Italian news television channel published by Rai. Rai News 24 was the first national news channel to broadcast live 24 hours a day. Rai News 24 programs are largely broadcast from Rome.
RTV 38RTV 38 – an Italian interregional Tuscan television network. It is the first broadcaster born in Tuscany and was the first in the region to have a program that covered all 24 hours, one of the first even at a national level.
Sky TG24Sky TG24 – is Italy’s second all-news channel, owned by Sky Italia. Sky TG24 provides non-stop rolling news, weather forecasts and sports stories with half-hourly updates.
TelecittaTelecitta – local TV station based in Vigonets. The broadcaster is currently visible in Veneto and in some neighboring areas of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
TelecolorTelecolor – Italian regional television company operating since 1984 and headquartered in Cremona.
TelenordTelenord – regional TV company broadcasting throughout Liguria.
TeletuttoTeletutto – Brescia’s main TV channel. In addition to news, the TV channel covers sports and culture, and also broadcasts sports and religious events live.
TLT MoliseTLT Molise – a Molise television broadcaster, born in Trivento, in the province of Campobasso. From the beginning it has its official headquarters in the municipality of Trignino but in Campobasso it has the main journalistic editorial staff.
Top Calcio 24Top Calcio 24 – an all-news football television produced by the Mediapason television group. The channel mainly deals with topics relating to Juventus, Milan, Inter and to a secondary extent, also to Naples, Lazio and Rome.
TV2000TV2000 – an Italy-based broadcasting network that carries Roman Catholic-themed programming, available on digital terrestrial television in Italy and owned by the Italian Episcopal Conference, the conference of the Catholic bishops of Italy.
VideolinaVideolina – a regional television broadcaster in Sardinia that broadcasts from the city of Cagliari. The channel broadcasts news, entertainment TV programs, sports, music and cultural TV programs.

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