Somoy Television, Bengali channel in Bangladesh, watch free

Somoy Television Somoy Television – a 24-hour Bengali television channel in Bangladesh. Its headquarter is in Banglamotor, Dhaka. It has a broadcast NOC license from the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Watch Bangladeshi TV channel Somoy Television live streaming online for free.
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Somoy TV is one of the pioneering 24-hour news oriented television channels in Bangladesh. The channel grew up with a band of devoted journalists. Somoy News continues its activities with a view to presenting authentic and politically unbiased news to the audience in the nook and corners of Bangladesh and other parts of the world. Somoy Media Limited (Somoy Television) is a 24-hour Bengali news based private satellite television channel in Bangladesh. Being solely a news based channel, Somoy Television gives topmost priority to news and news contents”, – said on the channel’s website.

Bengali is an Indo-Aryan language native to the Bengal region of South Asia. It is the official, national, and most widely spoken language of Bangladesh and the second most widely spoken of the 22 scheduled languages of India. Bengali is the fifth most-spoken native language and the seventh most spoken language by total number of speakers in the world. Bengali is the fifth most spoken Indo-European language.