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Bolivia TV Bolivia TV – Bolivia’s public television network. It is the first television channel of Bolivia and serves the only means of television communication from the government. Bolivia TV has been accused by society and opposition politicians of being a means of propaganda for the government in power. Most of the Bolivia TV‘s content belonged to social organizations and personalities affiliated with the ruling party.
Red ATB Red ATB – a television channel in Bolivia. Its origins date back to 20 October 1984 in La Paz, when Pacena de Television began broadcasting. In the late 1980s the name was changed to ATB and the channel is one of the largest networks in the country.
Red UNORed UNO, Bolivian TV channels – a national Bolivian television network. Its most notable programming is Notivision (news) and “Factor X Bolivia”. Red UNO also mantains affiliation deals with three channels in Potosi, Sucre and Tarija.

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