Brazilian TV channels to watch live for free online

Agro TVAgro TV, Brazilian TV channels – an agricultural TV channel located in the central part of Bom Retiro, in the city of Sao Paulo. The TV channel was created specifically for farmers. AgroBrasil TV is currently broadcast throughout Brazil.
Canal Rural Canal Rural – a Brazilian television station based in Sao Paulo, SP. Its main focus is on agricultural techniques, livestock and agrarian novelties in the field, in addition to live-streamed auctions. It is the main communication platform specialized in agribusiness in Brazil.
Cidade Verde Cidade Verde – a Brazilian television station based in Teresina, capital of Piaui. It operates on channel 5 and is affiliated with SBT. The station is part of the Cidade Verde Group.
CNN Brazil CNN Brazil – a Brazilian news-based pay television channel. CNN Brazil is owned by Novus Media, which has a licensing agreement with original CNN channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Its headquarters are in Sao Paulo, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, besides international bureaus with almost 400 journalists.
Jovem Pan News Jovem Pan News – Jovem Pan is the main Brazilian radio station based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is also the largest network of radio stations of the southern hemisphere, of Latin America, and one of the biggest radio stations in the world.
Meio Norte Meio Norte – a Brazilian television network based in Teresina, Piaui. The channel is aimed at audiences in the Northeast region of the country, especially the state of Piaui, where its headquarters are located.
Novo Tempo Novo Tempo – “New Time” is a Portuguese Christian TV channel and Radio Station for Brazil. Novo Tempo features programming produced by Adventist churches. Novo Tempo is a 24-hour broadcaster on satellite and cable networks in Brazil.
Rede Brasil Rede Brasil – also known as Rede Brasil or RBTV is a Brazilian television network headquartered in the city of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. The network has its studios in the city of Sao Paulo.
Record News Record News – the first 24-hour free-to-air terrestrial news channel in Brazil, and the third Brazilian news channel to be launched after GloboNews and BandNews TV.
RIT TV RIT TV – Rede Internacional de Televisao, better known as RIT is a Brazilian religious television network. The programming of this channel is produced for all ages, and almost all of its programming is self-produced. The TV content is interdenominational, meaning that it is produced for the Protestant public in general. Their programs are varied, with children’s shows, religious shows, some music shows and journalism.
SBT Central SBT Central – is a Brazilian television station based in Jau, a city in the state of Sao Paulo. It broadcasts the station’s programming to the Midwest of Sao Paulo, including important cities such as Marilia, Bauru, Araraquara, Sao Carlos, among others.
TV Atalaia TV Atalaia – a Brazilian television station based in Aracaju, capital of the state of Sergipe. It operates on channel 8, and is affiliated with RecordTV.
TV Brasil International TV Brasil International – a Brazilian public television network owned by Empresa Brasil de Comunicacao. Its main headquarters are in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro with subsidiaries in Sao Paulo and in Sao Luis. TV Brasil affiliated stations broadcast four hours a day of regional programing. It also broadcast Brazilian films and programs made by other public television channels. The programming of is divided into five daily streams: children, animation, audio-visual, citizenship and sports.
TV Gazeta TV Gazeta – a Brazilian television network based in Sao Paulo. TV Gazeta is a broadcaster committed to bringing diverse content with the face of Sao Paulo to the entire country. With 100% of its programming produced on national soil, TV Gazeta is proud to be a 100% Brazilian TV.

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