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Prameya News7 Prameya News7 – an Odia language 24-hour cable and satellite news channel in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. It comes under the aegis of Summa Real Media which also has the largely circulated daily Odia News Paper “Prameya”. Summa Real Media is a part of the business conglomerate having SOA University which has nine degree granting schools and colleges imparting nationally accredited courses like engineering (ITER), medicine (IMS), pharmacy, business, nursing, biotechnology, science, humanities, environment, nano technology, materials science, agriculture and law, SUM Hospital which is renowned to give super speciality treatment at affordable costs. News 7 brings to the Odia viewer an assortment of programs of various genre without losing the flair of a News channels. It is more popular for its unbiased news sensations conducted through sting operations, by which they bring to light the various fraudulent, immoral and corrupt activities happening in the state. They cover major national news, as well as good analytical debates by experts of burning issues in the state, country as well as the globe in their programs like 9PM Live, Bada Khabar, Maha Bitarka etc. They also give the viewer a good dollop of entertainment through programs like Magana Oliki (a comical satirical take on issues in society), Breakfast Odisha (Celebrity Chat Show), religious and astrological programs. The Special News Bulletin and Big Story follow up cover the current sensational happenings as well as they have other light hearted programs like Golden Moments, filmy fever etc. Watch Indian TV channel Prameya News7 live streaming online for free.
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