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Metro TVMetro TV – is an Indonesian free-to-air television news network based in West Jakarta. It has over 52 relay stations all over the country. It is owned by Surya Paloh who also owns the Media Indonesia daily. These two, along with other newspapers distributed in different parts of Indonesia, are part of the Media Group. It is the only TV network to offer Mandarin-language news programs in Indonesia and no soap opera, although recently it has also begun to broadcast entertainment and multicultural programs. Metro TV has a different concept than the other stations in Indonesia. Watch Indonesia TV channel Metro TV online free, live.
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Metro TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, with programmes focused on news around the world. Metro TV broadcast three new English language programmes, World News, Indonesia Now, and Talk Indonesia. It also had Chinese language programmes, documentary, and culinary programmes. Metro TV also has an informercial block, usually residential.