Antenna Tre, A3 – Italian TV channel to watch for free

Antenna Tre, A3 Antenna Tre, A3, Antenna 3 – Antenna Tre is today the first broadcaster for Auditel ratings throughout the Triveneto and Italy. Triveneto or Tre Venezie is a historical region of Italy. Antenna Tre is full of many souls: the news, the investigations, the real “public service” in moments of emergency experienced by citizens, the narration of major events, the in-depth study of politics and economics with the talk show “Ring” or the evening appointment of “20edieci”. From news broadcasts to extraordinary edition live shows, from talk shows and columns, Antenna Tre enters the heart of Veneto and the Northeast every day to let you know what is happening around you. Watch Italian TV channel A3 Antenna 3 live streaming online for free.
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