Milenio Television, Mexican TV channel to watch for free

Milenio Television Milenio Television – is a Mexican open television channel that transmits news. It belongs to Grupo Multimedios. It is the sister channel of the newspaper of the same name and the radio station of the same name. The channel’s programming is based on news, sports, economic, culture, climate, entertainment information spaces, debate programs and analysis spaces. During the morning, the programming is carried out from Monterrey and is based on news broadcasts continuously transmitted either in one or two hour editions, in which general information, politics, events, economy, sports, culture, shows and forecasts are addressed. Starting at 7:00 at night, the programming is broadcast from Mexico City, the informative programs have a duration of 30 or 45 minutes, while later they are complemented with spaces for analysis, debate or criticism of the events of the day. Watch Mexican TV channel Milenio Television live streaming online for free.
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