Canal 3/24, Catalan-language news TV network, watch live free

Canal 324 Canal 3/24 – is a Spanish Catalan-language free-to-air news and information network operated by Televisio de Catalunya. 3/24 devotes exclusively to live news and information, including news, traffic (morning), sports and stock markets from Bolsa de Barcelona. Originally, 3/24 was to become the first 24-hour news service in Catalonia. Later, this plan was dropped, and it was remade into a continuous information service. Most of the day, under the title Notícies 3/24, the channel features a 30-minute informational wheel, including 2 minutes of headlines, 18 minutes of news, 8 minutes of sports and 2 minutes of regional weather. 3/24 also shares programs with sister channel TV3. Watch Spanish TV channel Canal 3/24 live streaming online for free.
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