Venezuelan TV channels to watch live for free online

GlobovisionGlobovision – a 24-hour television news network in Venezuela and Latin America. It broadcasts over-the-air in Caracas, Aragua, Carabobo and Zulia.
Promar TVPromar TV – a Venezuelan regional television station that can be seen in the Lara, Barinas, Portuguesa, and Yaracuy states.
Telesur TVTelesur TV – a Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela and sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela, with additional funding from the governments of Cuba and Nicaragua.
TVESTVES, Venezuelan TV channels – a Venezuelan public television channel. Its name is short for Televisora Venezolana Social and is pronounced “te ves”, meaning you see yourself. According to the government, TVes aims to portray the identity of Venezuelans, hence the pronunciation of the station’s name meaning you see yourself.
TVO Televisora de OrienteTVO – Televisora de Oriente, or TVO, is a Venezuelan private television channel. The station are located in Puerto La Cruz and the signal can be seen in the Venezuelan states of Anzoategui, Monagas, Nueva Esparta and Sucre.
Venezolana de TVVenezolana de TV – VTV is a Venezuelan open television channel. the channel has an editorial line of political propaganda in favor of the Bolivarian government.
VPI TV VenezuelaVPI TV Venezuela – a Venezuelan online television channel founded by Fabiola Colmenares and Leonardo Trechi. The channel is based in Caracas, Venezuela and Miami, Florida, United States.

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