Kazakhstan TV channels to watch for free online LIVE

Almaty TV Almaty TV – on-air brand of JSC “Teleradiocompany” Almaty “, created on the basis of city television. The basis of the channel’s broadcasting is daily live news about the most important events in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and in the regions of the country.
Astana TV Astana TV – a Kazakh television channel based in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, and it is owned and operated by the Nur Media. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 6 years of age, predominantly preferring to watch TV in the state language.
Balapan TV Balapan TV – a Kazakh children’s TV channel. The creative association is a part of Kazakhstan Television and Radio Corporation.
EL ARNA EL ARNA – a television channel in Kazakhstan based in Almaty, which was established as the only television channel in Kazakhstan broadcasting only in Kazakh. Today, however, EL ARNA broadcasts in both Kazakh and Russian.
MuzzOne TV MuzzOne TV – a music TV channel broadcasting in all cable networks in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The TV channel broadcasts non-stop music programs, including musical novelties of both Kazakhstani and foreign performers.
Khabar 24 Khabar 24 – one of the measures of the “Khabar” agency in the framework of the reorganization and the identification of the channel as a member of the agency’s TV family.
TDK 42 TDK 42 – the most popular in the territory of the West Kazakhstan region. The channel regularly launches new projects of its own production, which significantly affects the growth of Kazakhstani content and meets the interests of the Kazakhstani audience.
Qazaq TVQazaq TV, Kazakhstan TV channels – the first national satellite television channel of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is part of the NJSC “Teleradiocomplex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” – one of the largest media holdings in the country..
Qazaqstan TV Qazaqstan TV – a national television and radio corporation that implements the information policy of the state. Leading in terms of population coverage. Therefore, for at least half of the rural population in Kazakhstan, where the national television channel Qazaqstan TV and regional television and radio companies are clearly broadcast, television is the main tool for organizing information and cultural needs, education and recreation.

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